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Capabilities and Background

The management team of Orion America Technologies, LLC has more than 90 years experience developing solutions for complex aerospace engineering problems in three areas; technical, management, and marketing. In addition to the specialized expertise listed below, Orion America has experience in organizing and managing programs that combine these three basic elements.

Technical Expertise
• Aerodynamic Analyses
• Experimental Methodologies including wind-tunnel and flight test support
• Airplane and Airfoil Design
• Flight Safety Issues, Icing, and Vortex Interactions

Management Expertise
• Technical, programmatic, fiscal management, and contract/grant administration
• Program planning and development, proposal preparation, identify sources of financial support, partner acquisition and management, including fiscal oversight and control
• Information technology systems and development, such as management information system used by the Federal Aviation Administration for tracking research programs

Strategic Marketing
• Research, development, and strategic marketing with the U. S. Congress and state legislatures


Orion's team has in-house experience in engineering and scientific activity supporting and advancing aviation, aircraft, and aerospace science. Ms. M. L. Carol Gregorek has developed, administered, and directed education research programs for NASA, NSF, NAS, FAA, USAF, DOD, academia, and industry and is cognizant of the political and economic aspects of aviation technology. Mr. Fred Bowen has provided executive business management to engineering companies, and has developed, and administered research programs for FAA, NSF, USAF, DOD, academia, industry, as well as working with Capitol Hill and state legislators.

Orion provides information technology tools that monitor and track multiple engineering project objectives, product delivery, and budget. Orion has a proven and broad knowledge base in managing successful R&D projects with federal programs that link aerospace and aviation research resources creating opportunities to gain economic benefit. Orion provides:

• Web Based Management Information System financial and reporting processes
• Conference Planning, Marketing and Sponsor Relations
• Strategic Planning
• Congressional Reporting

Orion is equally competent with captains of industry, Capitol Hill, and statehouses across the country. These capabilities enhance technical teaming that can influence the quality of research products. Orion's team can use their proficiency to progress business management goals and in the process eliminate duplication of effort and capital, usually resulting in substantial savings.


Orion's management capabilities and technical strengths are in Orion's access to engineers, scientists, and laboratories.

Orion specifically offers:

• Applied and Experimental Aerodynamics
• Flight vehicle performance stability, control, and flight test
• Airfoil and aircraft design
• Aircraft icing
• Aerodynamics of ground vehicles
• Wind energy systems
• Wind tunnel test programs
• Model design and fabrication
• Modeling for aerodynamics testing
• Instrumentation
Software development in all platforms