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Orion America Technologies, LLC
8292 Breckenridge Way
Columbus, OH 43235



Carol Gregorek, President

M.L. Carol Gregorek, founded Orion Technology in 1992. She developed, administered, and directed engineering education and research programs for NASA, NSF, NAS, FAA, DoD, USN, USAF, academia and industry. These programs varied from Congressional mandates such as the FAA Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence, a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary team addressing research, education, and technology transfer and utilization in the area of airworthiness assurance to a USN aerodynamic study of wind tunnel tests and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses of the C-130 wing. Ms. Gregorek has served on the International Aeronautique Federation (IAF) Education Committee since 1989. She is active in public policy at the state and federal levels.

Fred Bowen, Chief Financial Officer / Chief Information Officer

Mr. Fredric L. Bowen provides business infrastructure and administrative leadership for Orion America. Mr. Bowen has developed and managed information systems for industry, academia, and the federal government. He developed the Orion MIS, a robust management information system that provides researchers and federal monitors with a tool supporting their technical contributions, cost share, fiscal status, and partnership activity. Orion is intimately familiar in the government-preferred methods of data and fiscal procedures delivery and its participation in technical reporting and business management diminishes duplication of effort, results in a more responsive, unified reporting system, and most importantly, provides greater leveraging of funds.

Gerald Gregorek

Dr. Gerald Gregorek is a Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University, and Past Director of its Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory. He has led experimental and analytic aerodynamic research efforts for NASA, the USAF, and the aerospace industry. These programs have varied from laminar airfoil design and wind tunnel test, to novel business aircraft configuration design and evaluation, and to new airfoil and propeller flight tests for general aviation airplanes. Dr. Gregorek is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.